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New dimension of training on the island of vitality

Welcome to Lošinj Tennis Resorts, a unique and diverse programme for all tennis fans.
Due to its superb geographic location Lošinj enjoys mild climate. The island’s beautiful nature provides a great place for engaging in a wide range of sporting activities and for spending an exciting activity holiday.
The Lošinj Tennis Resorts initiative features an extensive range of quality training programmes for all ages and skill levels. We have developed special training for children, young and promising tennis players and players with experience in competing.
Recreational players and those who are no longer competing, but wish to stay at the top of the game, won’t be disappointed with our offer either. We believe that playing tennis is like riding a bicycle – one never really forgets how to do it. That is why we have come up with a variety of coaching and conditioning techniques that will help you adopt new skills and improve your game.
Families that enjoy and practice sports are our particularly dear guests. In addition to specific training programmes, we have prepared an array of other activities that will especially appeal to children.

Among other things, participants in the Lošinj Tennis Resorts programme will be able to enjoy:

Unique climate – Lošinj has everything: uniquely pleasant climate with the cleanest sea air, crystal clear sea, over 200 sunny days per year, over 1200 aromatic plants thriving in Lošinj’s gardens and plenty more. That makes Lošinj an all-season destination for a truly invigorating holiday. PDF broschure

Health programmes – Honouring our island’s centennial tradition in medical tourism, we pride ourselves on continually developing new health programmes. Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme is based on scientifically validated methods combined with the natural healing properties and the freshest sea air of the island of Lošinj. The programme is primarily intended for children between five and eighteen years of age and adults with mild respiratory problems. However, it is also suitable for anyone looking to prolong the state of remission, especially in the autumn and spring months.

Local cuisine – Lošinj cuisine features rich tastes and aromas of the Mediterranean, offering unique combinations originating from various cultural influences this island was exposed to throughout its rich history. In addition, our menus are based on the use of healthy locally-grown produce that can be enjoyed only on our wonderful island.

Wellness programmes – In cooperation with Lošinj Hotels and Villas we offer our guests Wellness & Spa programmes with signature treatments available only on Lošinj. Only completely natural cosmetics and eco-friendly essential plant oils are used in our beauty treatments. Also, guests can enjoy individually tailored weight loss, rejuvenation and detox programmes.

Nutrition consultation – Healthy diet improves mental abilities, increases strength and stamina. Our nutritionists will give you advice that will help you improve your health and quality of life.

Additional sporting activities – Lošinj is ideal for running, trekking, cycling, water sports, outdoor and indoor fitness, diving, sailing and a whole range of sporting activities.

Foreign languages school – For those of you who wish to learn a new language or become more fluent in a language you already know, we have prepared special language courses. With our approach to learning you will develop your language skills while improving your fitness.

Children’s programmes – For families with children who are not participating in our tennis training programme, we have prepared a range of other interesting activities and fun amenities, so that parents may enjoy our tennis training programme relaxed and carefree.

Excursions – Lošinj and its surrounding islands form an archipelago that is beyond compare in the Adriatic. Our rich offer includes panoramic flights, romantic trips to secluded coves and boat trips giving you the opportunity to meet the dolphins. Whichever you choose, you will love it. The island is a veritable nature’s oasis and its rich heritage and local customs guarantee that you will have a good time.

Lošinj Tennis Resorts tennis courts, hotels and other amenities are all nestled in a dense pine forest close to the beach.
We invite you to check our list of programmes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional inquiries.

Experience living the game of tennis and breathe deep on the island of vitality!