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At Lošinj Tennis Resorts our coaching philosophy is based on scientific knowledge and keeping up with the latest trends in the game of tennis. Our coaches have years of experience as trainers, competitors and teachers. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to training, focusing on the specific needs of every individual tennis player. By fostering an individual approach we are able to offer quality training, focus on every player’s game and be flexible in responding to the development of every player in a way that maximises performance on the court.
By adopting a tailor-made development plan for every tennis player, in line with that player’s physical, technical, strategic, tactical, and mental characteristics, in addition to applying movement learning techniques, we set the preconditions for continual improvement enabling the player to reach the top of the game.
Also, we are able to focus on individual needs to a maximum by combining individual and sparring training sessions with our specially developed fitness programme.